I Pray

If there is one thing in my life I'd love to be more consistent about, it's prayer. Sometimes I forget, in the heat of the moment, that God is waiting to listen to me. He never leaves me. Always there. I'm the one who forgets, gets busy or just doesn't want to. 

But, in those moments, when I remember, it's so refreshing to let it all out. I know that I can vent or rejoice. No matter the circumstance, prayer is such a wonderful release. I am thankful for a God who always is ready to listen and guide me. 

This layout uses beautiful product found in the December kit RELEASE from Scrapbooking from the Inside Out. I wanted lots of symbolism on this page so I cut out the zig zag paper to create a chevron element. It is pointing up as a reflection of prayer.

The butterflies (oh how I love butterflies!) exhibit a similar symbolic emotion. Freedom. Release. New life. All those words and ideas that come to mind when I think about my faith. That sticker is perfect, too. It really is worth every minute to stop and pray.

The paint splatters don't really have any symbolism. At least, they didn't when I first added them. I just like the texture it brings to the background of the layout. But, I guess, prayer can be messy too. Especially in those moments when I am frustrating and crying out in a blubbery mess. ;)