Remembering Who Matters

This post is going to relate to my dedication post to Scrapstreet. As ready I was to finally see things end, it still saddens me from time to time as I reflect on the fun us staffers all had on the boards. So. Much. Fun. And then, the CHA threads would begin on the private staff boards. Who is going? Where are you staying?

When I first joined the staff, the chatter had just begun. I knew I had always wanted to go to CHA and now I had a real reason!  I know that is a trade show and it is for retailers to see things up close and it is also a place for media to come and let the world know about what is coming out with the new releases. As a designer/media person, it made everything double the fun. Got to see new releases and create things using them to help market the product. But that's not all that happens at CHA. Designers and staff who work together for companies are located all over the world. So, we don't get to see each other face to face. CHA brings us all together for a brief time and I love that! Each evening after the hard work of the show is over, we meet up for cocktails and dinner. Laugh. Relax. Talk industry stuff. And enjoy one anothers company. It's a special time!

Thanks to that time, I've met some wonderful people who I'm so happy to have as friends. They are ladies who help ground me. I look forward to CHA because I get to see them in the flesh. Get a hug. Laugh and cry. Encourage and cheer. It's good stuff.

I am still very much in love with the Everyday Eclectic collection by Allison Kreft. Oh my lands. It's like she looked inside my brain and created based on what I love. She did what I couldn't do! Actually take all that and put it together to make something so usable and beautiful. Love this collection.

I added a lil bit of Websters goodies there. The flower and the bling. Speaking of Websters and Allison Kreft, did you hear the news??? Hello match made in heaven!!! I'm loving the new release. It's slightly to Everyday Eclectic but has that Websters spin on it... which I LOVE!

Clean and simple. My roots of scrapbooking. I've experimented with so many things but when I just get to create for fun and ME... this is what I fall back to and I love it. No need for all the foo-foo stuff! ;o) 

CHA will be a little bit different this year. While I won't be walking the floor for Scrapstreet, I'll still be checking out things for Scrapbooking from the Inside Out and helping out manufacturers. PLUS... the Summer show is in VEGAS this year! Whaaaaaat??? How fun is THAT? Sadly, I won't make it to the Winter show so I will be counting on some folks to post lots of photos. :) 

Have a great weekend!