The Lunch Break

The other day I had my lunch in Millenium Park.

There are some events that led up to this day and I was feeling discouraged. Frustrated. Blocked. Questioning things. So I took the opportunity to grab a coffee and walk to a park that I had once been so impressed by. I didn't feel like a tourist anymore but definitely felt like one of the locals.

As I sat on the bench, I could see the cloud gate perfectly, the tall buildings embraced me and Frank Sinatra was singing through the loud speakers. Yay for Christmas songs! It was almost magical. And as I sat there, taking this all in, I felt grounded. I was reminded of why I was in Chicago, that I loved this city and it made me excited.

It's amazing what happens when we just stop. We get so busy and when the worries and anxieties build up, we want to keep moving in order to figure it all out! But sometimes we just need to stop.

When I got home, I knew I had to document this moment so I could remember it. 

Wood camera: Studio Calico, Flower: Websters Pages

Everyday Eclectic seemed to be the perfect collection to use to help symbolize the day. 

Flower and trim: Websters Pages

Some softness to add and frilliness. It was such a wonderful day and I wanted the layout to exude that feeling, as well.

And may I leave you with this...

Just stop. Be still. Take a breath. Get some new perspective. It's amazing the change that can take place.