Where Everybody Knows Your Name

It's the first of the month which, in the past, has always drummed up excitement deep within me. I love the freshness of a new month, especially in the paper crafting industry. For kit clubs, it was a new kit. For magazines, it was a new issue.

Such is the case for my time with ScrapStreet Magazine. I loved the anticipation of the night before. I would keep refreshing my browser, waiting for the new issue to go live so I could drool and enjoy all the creativity. This anticipation happened even before I had the distinct honor of being part of the staff. When I found ScrapStreet, I was deeply impressed with the format of the publication. It was online and it felt like a real magazine. It was unique in that, staffers wrote in depth articles and the photos of the projects were large enough for me to see detail and included design notes. It was easy to find where I wanted to go. You can't really find that anywhere else!

The 100th and final issue of ScrapStreet. Click HERE.

After my very FIRST publication... which happened to be in ScrapStreet, I joined the forum and began to post to the gallery. I immediately fell in love with the community. Such a warm, hilarious and REAL group of women. All different walks of life, all different points of view BUT we shared a love of paper crafting and that runs deep. When it came down to it, everyone was there for each other.

Staffers at CHA Summer 2010
Annual bathroom photo shoot :)

Several months later, I noticed a call for more writers and designers. In my head, I thought this was way out of my league but I went for it anyway. Can you imagine my reaction when receiving the acceptance email? I had to keep opening it, closing it, rereading it and making sure I wasn't dreaming! Then, I got scared. Oh crap! What did I get myself into??? I can't do this! But I did it. And Dora and the rest of the Editorial staff believed in me and that made all the difference.

I was only part of the family for two years but it felt like I was there the entire seven years of ScrapStreet. It was easy to fall in love with these dear women who I now call some of my closest friends!

My very first publication was in Card Corner (December 2008) in ScrapStreet.

ScrapStreet has helped me grow, not only in the paper crafting industry, but also as a woman. Several of us can say, "we are better women" thanks to the support and relationships that were developed at ScrapStreet.

I will miss the monthly issues. I will miss the community. But I am also thankful for such fond memories and I know it's not the end of EVERYTHING. The friendships made because of ScrapStreet will last a lifetime. I'm so thankful to continue in this industry and be able to maintain those friendships!

Life friends... all because of ScrapStreet.

And with that... this song is just TOO perfect to not share because ScrapStreet was definitely CHEERS for me and so many others. Here's to you ladies! You know who you are!