Year in Review

The end of another year.

How do they go by so fast?

And yet there are times when I feel like the days are passing by way too slow.

2012 has been a very defining year. It has taken me deeper in my spiritual journey. It has stretched me in ways that I didn't object. There were frustrations. There were challenges. There was confusion. But I specifically remember the stubborn side of me was not going to give up!

Officially entered into my mid-30's.

Began to feel blocked and overlooked.
Hey! I remember this feeling.
Time to pray and figure out why this feeling is here again.

Got a cute, new hair style.
Attended my first Seattle Sounders game.
Cool opportunities in the designing world abound.
Not always the ones I had hoped for but blessings nonetheless.

Deep heart stirrings begin.
Chicago. Chicago. Chicago.
I was getting sick of it too. Don't worry.

This blog post pretty much sums up May. :) 

Love this desktop wallpaper from Smashing Magazine.
The quote is too perfect for what my June was like.
Although, the fresh beginning was so close and yet, so far away.
This is a month I wish I would enjoyed more and relished in how slowly it was going by.
This was the month that any doubt I ever had about God, was completely gone.
It was too obvious He was VERY real.
This would also be the month I said goodbye to an incredible woman who had a profound
impact on my life. Blog post is here

Leaving on a jet plane...
CHA 2012...
Living the Chicago dream!

New month.
New city.
New state.
New job.
Well hello August!

The Chicago Honeymoon begins to slowly wear off.
But it doesn't stop me from loving this city!
So thankful to have found my new church family.
And I have to admit, the midwest has some stellar FALL weather!

Another month when change begins.
Current job is not what I had thought it would be like.
The search for a new one begins.
Didn't I JUST move here?

So much to be thankful for!
This month I pondered all that had transpired the past five months.
The thought, "what did I just do?" began to creep into my head.

A new job to look forward to.
Wonderful holidays with good friends.
Vision casting and God continuing to open up doors.
What a contrast to last year when I was feeling blocked and frustrated.

So much hope for the New Year!

2013 is going to be a great year. That is what I said last year about 2012. Think I was right?

I sure do!

Happy New Year blog readers and friends! I am very thankful for you. You have been a part of my life journey, as well, whether you realize it or not. You might just come here via a link or to view my scrapbooking posts. But do know that I appreciate each and every one of you!