Just Laugh

Today I am thankful for friends who know how to snap me out of a grumpy mood. 

Many apologies to them for when I have been a poopoo head and taken my grumpiness out on them. It's just not fair for me to do that! But I will say, I am more than happy to do the same for them. :)

I created this layout using the January kit HARMONY from Scrapbooking from the Inside Out. Not ever moment of our lives is harmonious. I took a humorous approach to this situation... mostly because I was inspired by the photo. 

How can you not laugh? 

Instead of just strips of paper, I cut the large pieces into pennant shapes. I find it interesting that, when I was finished, it looks like a pennant flag hanging from the edge of the blue cardstock.

I chose a lot of the playful colors, patterns and elements from the kit to illustrate the comedy behind this whole scenario. While I'm definitely not a treat to be around when I have the grumps, I can snap out of it pretty easily when my friend decides to do a little threatening.

And it was all in fun folks. No one was harmed in this little situation. ;)

It felt good to document this for Harmony. In those moments when feeling that "harmonious" feeling is entirely up to me, I like having this to look back at when I'm in one of my funks again.