Hello My Name Is...

Well hello there!

I feel like the worst blogger ever. The time lapse from my last post is just way too long. I'm hoping to get a little bit better about that.

What I do have to share today is a layout using the RISK kit from Scrapbooking from the Inside Out.
RISK seems like a scary emotion to explore. It definitely can be. The ones that exude not so happy and fluffy feelings are the scariest. I mean, who wants to feel scared and timid, right? Well, what I have learned over the years by scrapbooking this way, it gets easier and it is so therapeutic.

When I thought of Risk, I thought of what it is like to put yourself out there when making friends. To really develop a good, solid and deep relationship, you have to vulnerable. You have to be ready to be open and honest. Sometimes that means being held accountable for things. Sometimes that means wondering if you'll be judged or denied because of a certain characterisitic. It's definitely risky!

That's my friend Kaari and I about four years ago. It doesn't feel like it was that long ago but it, indeed, was!  I love that girl and feel so blessed to have her as one of my sister-friends. But it took work to make that friendship happen. And the work was so worth it! 

I was inspired to do the focus on a friendship by the name tag sticker. Sometimes I wish I could wear one of those when meeting new people because I feel like it can be so formal. Cracks me up a little bit.

The zipper is very symbolic hear. As relationships grow, new things are always revealed about a persons character and/or story. Most of those moments are so special and defining! SO good! 

I swooned a little bit over the flower in this kit. Adds so much texture and fluffiness. 

And the journaling. 

Now that Kaari and I don't live in the same city anymore, it is a little bit more difficult to stay in touch. But I know, without a shadow of a doubt, the friendship will keep growing and going on and on. Thank goodness!