She Will

I have been trying to include a photo from childhood in my layouts each month. They hold memories that I don't want to forget and I love the perspective they exude with my layouts. Especially my layouts created for Scrapbooking from the Inside Out. So I end up with a layout that is written from the perspective of a little girl (me) and I've documented a photo of me when I was so adorable and small. ;) 

The RISK kit from SFTIO was a hard one for me. I am so inspired by product and the colors and patterns were way out of my comfort zone. How perfect for a topic like RISK??? Right??????

Even though it pushed me out of that comfort zone... I am grateful for that push. It can only expand my creativity. At least that is my hope.

Animal print. Reds. Dots. Black. 

Who knew? 

But that is what I love about these kits. They push me and help me say what needs to be said. I love it and I feel like I can do anything. Besides that, I love having product that radiates the feeling of my layout. Perfect symbolism. :) 

Thanks for swinging by today! Can't wait to share with you the March kit! Can't believe that is already MARCH! Ahhh!