Life Post

I completely spaced on scheduling some scrappy posts but would have still shared this Life Post.

This past week was just a two day work week due to Spring Break for the childcare center I teach at. As a somewhat last minute decision, like beginning of the month decision, I flew to my hometown to surprise my parents. Specifically, I surprised my mom for her birthday but my dad didn't know I was coming either.

I arrived Wednesday, late morning, and stayed at my good friends house. After visiting my old job on Thursday, I headed to my moms work to bring her flowers. It was so much fun to surprise her! Yes, I made her bawl and it was wonderful. Haha! She promised not to tell my dad so, later that evening, I met them for dinner and got to surprise him too. SO cool!

The rest of the week flew by way too quickly. I crammed in coffee dates and drove around town a bit to soak it all in. The weather was AMAZING. Warm, sunny and no need for a jacket. In fact, I had the windows down most of the time when I drove around.

Speaking of driving... I had decided to rent a car and, surprise surprise, I received a FREE double upgrade.

Oh my lands! A 2013 Chrysler 200 was my wheels. Whoa.

Here are a few photos I managed to snag and, of course, several layouts will follow as soon as I catch up on some much needed rest. :)

Flying over the Rockies on the way to Washington State.

While I was visiting I had to fit in a haircut with my friend and favorite hair stylist.

My dear friend Julie. I just adore her and she will hate me for posting this but I don't care.

The girls who GET me to the core. I wish I could clone them and have them here with me in Chicago.

An amazing week that was over too soon!

I'd say I really want to get back to visit folks again soon BUT... instead I'm letting them know how easy it is to fly HERE and that I have room. :)