Respect the Teacher

I always knew I wanted to be a teacher.

I can remember sitting in my classroom, at a young age, and dreaming up the way my own classroom would look someday. I remember in 5th Grade when I got a special star because I said I wanted to be a teacher when I grew up.

Of course, over the years, I changed my mind a few times. There was the year I toyed with wanting to be a Hotel Manager. I even shadowed a hotel manager and spent a day following him around. It was fun.

I wanted to be a cosmetologist. 

I wanted to be an interior designer.

But each time, I always fell back to teacher. I wanted to be a teacher.

A teacher of what? That wasn't really solidified but I just knew I wanted to have that role in life. It really does come naturally for me to take that on. I'm always ready and willing to show someone how to do something. Or guide them in their discovery be it an adult or a child. I just love it! 

I finally went back to school to get my degree in early childhood and over the past 7 years I have taught every single age. I'm not even kidding. Babies all the way to adults. I've taught preschool, elementary age, middle school and high school and adult. All different subject matter and I've so very enjoyed it. 

One of the fears that comes with teaching.. well.. I wouldn't call it a fear, per say, but there is always a thought in my head that goes like this, "Will the students listen to me? Will I be able to engage them? Are they going to learn? Are they going to give me good feedback? Will I listen to them???"

Respect. It goes both ways and it's always in the front of my brain when I teach. I want their respect and I hope that I can return it back. 

Every class I've taught has NOT been a cakewalk. Oh no. I've been kicked and hit (by small children), mocked, ignored, interrupted, questioned and disrespected so many times. But the GOOD outweighs the bad. I've been hugged, kissed on the cheek, thanked, listened to, received notes of gratitude and love on the white board when I walk into class, letters from middle school students who want to bless me, emails from past students wanting me to review work. Oh man. They do FAR OUTWEIGH the bad stuff. 

I adore being a teacher and it was so therapeutic to record it on this layout. It really does go hand in hand with respect. The photo of me is teaching a make and take at a booth at CHA. It was so much fun! I hope to do it again someday.

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