My Happy Place

My happy place is anywhere that I get to be creative. I love using my hands to make something. To preserve a memory. To express a thought or an emotion. And one of the fortunate things I get to experience through this love of creating, is meeting others who love it too. I had no idea who I would scrap with when I moved to Chicago. I had a friend who I knew would be there but I longed to go crop. I love packing up my stuff and being somewhere else. 

There is a group of us that are part of a Chicagoland scrapbook FB page I created. Several us were able to meet up at a local Archivers. It was so much fun! I actually got several things done. Amazing! And had a blast getting to see people I've known online for a little while, in person. 

Speaking of my Happy Place, I decided to record my current craft space on a layout. It's so different from the space I had when living in Washington. I miss that space a lot. But this one is slowly becoming "home" for me. I'm finding it easier to find my creative mojo and have a spot for everything. The natural light is non-existant, I miss the bright white furniture but it is what it is. And I still find myself happy in this space.

This layout was created using the April kit FORTUNE from Scrapbooking from the Inside Out

While I'm still learning to like my new space, I feel very fortunate to have space. City apartments are not very spacious so I do feel extremely blessed to live in a place that I have room for all my crap... er... stuff! 

I snuck in a stamp by Laina Lamb Designs. :) 

I love the fabric polaroid shape. It already had the stitching! 

Thanks for swinging by. Hope you find some time to escape YOUR happy creative space!