Are you curious???

Happy May everyone!!!

Oh boy do I love the first of the month. I'm sharing a layout I created using the May kit CURIOSITY from Scrapbooking from the Inside Out.

This topic intrigued me. When I first heard the word "Curiosity", my immediate thought was, "Huh? How am I suppose to translate that to my pages? What does that even mean?" Well... I know what it means but it took me a little bit to jot down some good ideas. Then, it all just fell into place and was, once again. a wonderful, cathartic, creative journey.

This layout is one that I created after my trip back to my hometown. It was my first time visiting since I moved and I was truly curious about how I would feel upon returning. Would I miss it so much I'd regret moving? Would it still feel like home? Would I miss Chicago? Would I hate Chicago? SO many questions.

This page took me out of my comfort zone just a little bit. I'm still not completely happy with it but I'm all about being transparent and real on my blog. :) It is very linear and I used one of the patterned pages with the images already on it. By adding some patterned strips, I thought it grounded the photo well. I think it just feels too linear and not enough layers. I AM clean and simple but I do enjoy layering it all up.

Thankfully, the flowers add some pop and some much needed texture. I will admit, design wise, it will take some time for me to truly love this page BUT... I do love being able to express how I felt when visiting the good ole PNW.

So, the answer to those questions? I still adore the Pacific Northwest. I do miss the scenery but, most of all, I miss the people. Chicago is home, though. I actually missed my "home". That was so reassuring! I just wish I could clone everyone. 

HURRY. RUN. Go grab your kit NOW. Last month we sold out and this one is just another beautiful, meaningful, art and visual-journaling, emotion based, amazing kit!