I Already Know

It just so happens that I approached this months topic at Scrapbooking from the Inside Out, Curiosity, with... well... curiosity.

I immediately had two images pop into my head (because I am a visual person):

Curious George and the phrase "Curiosity killed the cat".

Do you see a theme here of where my head was going? Hmmm... George always got in trouble with his curiosity and that old proverb warns us from being overly curious or getting too nosey where being nosey isn't necessary.

But I knew, deep down, this word goes much deeper. I went on my usual quest and looked up the definition and the synonyms/antonyms. I thought I would share one of my layouts in regards to how I interpreted this months emotion/topic.

I always like to do one "opposite" layout. Sometimes that can conjure up some negative feelings or bring up some not-so-positive thoughts and end up being very cathartic. But, this time it brought on a feeling confidence. I realized that many of my layouts contain the same people or same thoughts. I realized that someone looking through my blog, gallery or binders would think, "gee whiz, did she have anything else to scrap about???"

The answer is YES. BUT... I believe that these same people appear over and over on my layouts for good reason. They are just that special to me and I like to explore every emotional thought and process in my head and heart when it comes to them.


If you visit my blog, gallery, etc., etc., then, you know these gals quite well. And if you don't, they are familiar and you know I hold them close to my heart.

I'm going to go over my journaling on the SFTIO Blog in the coming week but as you read it now, you'll see that I'm fully aware of how much I scrap these ladies. And if you look deeper, you'll see my approach with this one.

While I may have been curious, at some point in time, about the relationship I have with these women, I am no longer. The friendships are so rooted and deep that there is no questions of where we stand with each other. And it's taken me YEARS to develop this kind of relationship.

I adore it. I love it. I miss these ladies like crazy! Thank goodness for Skype.

And that's just one approach... one interpretation... of this months topic.

Now go grab your own kit if you don't have it already. HURRY! 

P.S. HAPPY NATIONAL SCRAPBOOKING DAY!!!! I am creating today, are you???