My New Life

The theme for the month at Scrapbooking from the Inside Out is Transformation

When I first began to journal about this topic, I immediately thought about my life before Jesus... and my life after accepting Him as my Savior. 

It truly is two distinctly different lifestyles. I don't necessarily regret my life prior. Sure there were many things I could have done differently but, in a way, those choices made me who I am. They provided a story... hopefully one that can relate to others. And when I share it, I hope that MY decision to leave that life behind and pursue after the One who created me and loves me... will inspire others to do the same. 

So I had to create this layout. I pulled the calmer papers. There is just something about using calm, muted colors. They provide gentleness and remind of restoration and healing. All those words describe my journey towards becoming a believer. 

There's those banner edges again. I love cutting the ends into those shapes. It definitely helps to soften and creates an interesting set-up for layering. 

Paint splatters to symbolize the messy... but also to reflect the beauty... 

And I used the camera die cut because this is a snapshot of a HUGE and wonderful story. 

When I use scrapbooking to document these topics of my life, it is so healing. I find a stirring deep within my soul - similar to how one might feel when writing, etc. It's definitely a type of therapy and I'm so thankful for amazing product to use too!

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