CTA Master

I still remember the first time I took public transportation, all by myself, in this amazing city. Taking the L, I was less nervous. I knew the downtown stops and I felt safe getting off at them. After all, that is where I always got off when being a tourist. It was all those other stops that scared me... and don't even get me started on the bus!

I had a very lame smart phone. When I moved here, I knew I needed one and so, got a cheapy one from Virgin Mobile. Yes, it was less than $50 for a reason. But, it did the job when I needed it to (for about 15 minutes before the battery died.) 

I still remember the first time I took a bus. I had written down all the directions, well, see above... and I felt somewhat confident. But I was worried. How will I know the stop is coming? Do they still have those pull cords from back in the day? Are these city buses loaded with new fangled contraptions? Will the bus driver be helpful or will he be snooty to me like the L station clerk was. (Apparently, they will treat you like you're stupid when you really are. Reading signs is really helpful!)

It took many bus rides and map routing... and now I've dubbed myself the CTA Master. 

Oh yes.  I know the city better than my roommate. At least, I'd like to think so. :)

It doesn't scare the crap out of me when I need to figure out where something is. I know that the buses will, for the most part, call out the stops. Yes, they still have the pull cords. Yes, the bus drivers are kind and helpful - for the most part. And thank the good Lord above that the city of Chicago is on a grid system. 

If it weren't, I'd probably still feel like crying when I was asked (or needed) to go to a new location. I've also gotten to know the different parts of the city better. For example, there are some neighborhoods where it isn't too shabby during the daytime but the minute dusk arrives, I need to get my hiney out of there. And there are those neighborhoods where it doesn't matter the time of day, I shouldn't be there alone. 

 I don't miss that nervous girl, at all. It is so much nicer when you know exactly where you are going. I love that confident feeling and it helps me feel more independent in such a HUGE city.

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