Friends are a Treasure and Happy Fourth 'Murica!

I'm finding myself in an interesting place. One of the biggest struggles I've had, since moving to Chicago, is making friends. I've met some amazing folks. People I look forward to hanging out with but... what is missing is that friend. The one I would have no problem calling up and knowing that, unless it was work or an emergency, would be available to hang out right away. The friend I can know will be ready, in a heartbeat, for a coffee date or a cocktail night.

I miss that.

I need that.

But I also know that type of friend can take some time to develop. The friend(s), I think about, that were like that back in Bellingham, definitely took time to develop! We worked hard on our friendships and it paid off. I still count them as my closest and I miss them SO MUCH!

Today I found some time to create and what it turned into was a little therapy session. I got to dwell on some fond memories. A year ago, today, I spent the 4th of July hanging with my sister friends. It was so much fun! We bbq'd, hung out, sang in the car, drank coffee and played with sparklers together. It was such a great memory to create - especially since I was in the final stages of counting down my move to Chi-town.

Today I've gone back and forth with emotions - wishing I could turn back the clock and relive this day and feeling wonderful anticipation at the friendships to come. 

They will come. I know they will. I'm not looking for affirmation or advice in this situation. Just simply sharing. :) 

Here are some design notes regarding my layout today:

The title was created by cutting out a quote with the Cameo. With some mist, I used it as a mask.

The chipboard pennants, up on top, were created by gluing them onto some patterned paper and cutting them out with a knife. The chipboard is laser cut and from a super awesome new manufacturer called Gina's Designs. LOVE! Make sure you go join their Facebook Page to see all the wonderful inspiration and new product. 

I used up lots of stash with this layout. When I did my purge, I saved some "old" product that was my favorite and I used it. Yay! Echo Park, Basic Grey, American Crafts and lots of Lily Bee Design. :) 

I remain optimistic about the relationships I'll continue to develop here. I'm patient. It's not easy and there have some been some hard times - like today - when I miss people a LOT. But I see the positive in all this. And... it's these moments when I remember I really am not alone. It's an opportunity to draw closer to Jesus and spend some much needed time with Him. 

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY everyone! Be safe out there and happy creating.