Remember What Matters

Hi everyone!

I'm sharing one of my layouts today, using the July kit CONFIDENCE from Scrapbooking from the Inside Out. When I began journaling out some thoughts in regards to this months emotion, I knew I needed to record thoughts on how I've changed, over the years, when it comes to self-confidence.

I struggle with that a lot! Don't we all? I know that if we all sat down together and had a chat, we'd all be able to pin point a specific area in our lives where we struggle. As depressing as that has the potential of sounding, I actually appreciate those types of conversations. Why? Because it reminds me I'm not alone. I'm not the only one who struggles. I'm not the only one that questions her abilities. It's reassuring! And it makes it easier to move on. Right???

I notice that my journaling relates to this topic about once a year. The re-occurrence usually happens after I've put myself out there and then, have felt rejected. It's a personal issue that I work through. Anyone can feel it! I've shared how I've felt before and well meaning folks have given me all kinds of advice but I don't share to gain advice. I've said that before on my blog posts, too. :)

My goal, by sharing, is so that others can have that feeling I shared at the beginning of this post. 

You are not alone! 

This recent bout of rejection came with, yet again, me putting myself out there for potential designing opportunities. I have well meaning friends who tell me "your time is coming", etc. So true and, yet, I can't help but wonder if my time is NOW. I can't help but wonder if what I'm doing right. now. Is exactly what I'm suppose to be doing. Forget these other opportunities. Sure, they are for great companies and folks... but, what I am doing right now is what I need to focus on and cultivate. This style of scrapbooking is definitely what I'm passionate about. It's not just about a product or brand for me. It's about this entire process of being able to visually journal my thoughts and emotions. 


I'm exactly where I need to be! And I think realizing that truth... and sharing it with you today, sums up perfectly that layout. 

Here are some close ups of more detail using the FABULOUS product with the Confidence Kit:

Lovely stickers and chipboard to help create unique title work.

Symbolism galore!

Super fun rub-ons for first time subscribers this month!

There are only a few kits left! I think people are really grasping the concept of SFTIO lately. I love that! But that means kits are flying out the window VERY quickly. So if you've been on the fence, jump off and get yourself a kit! It's a GREAT month to join us! There is a first time subscriber bonus, as well as, discount kits to celebrate our FIVE YEAR anniversary! So awesome!

Thanks for letting me share with you today and I hope you have a fabulous FRIDAY! Woot!