Sometimes I Wonder

It is a constant struggle of mine.

I am always second guessing what people think about me.

One minute I hear how fun I am and that I'm a good friend.

Then, I can't help but feel like people are avoiding me.

These scenarios begin to play round and round in my head. They are scenarios that include what these people might say to me - how they really feel about me. 

Then, I snap myself out of that...  for the gazillionth time. 

Deep down, I know it's all lies. It's my own insecurities. It's my own interpretation of what is happening. Because, 99.9 times of 100, when I have a conversation with the people I think I'm repelling, I realize how very WRONG I was. 

It's just not a fun place to go to. 

I have noticed that, over the years, my time in that place has gotten shorter and shorter. 

This is good news! 

Due to the content and journaling of this layout, I wanted it to be very stark. Just the photo. Not much color. Muted. Stripping it away and recording the truth of my heart. Letting it out. Seeing the words on paper and then speaking truth into that! 

This layout was created with the Enchantment kit from Scrapbooking from the Inside Out. You may wonder how this even relates to "Enchantment".  Well, the word means something that captures you. So, when I was exploring the opposite of that, the word "repel" came to mind. It's harsh but, you should know me by now if you've been visiting my blog for any length of time - I go there with my layouts and with you. 

Regardless, I have some amazing friends. Not everyone is going to like me. And I realize that I really will have people in my life, trying to avoid me. It happens to all of us. I do it. 

What kinds of things, when it comes to people, do you struggle with?