My Ambition is Handicapped

I have lots of ideas and dreams.



I always have been the type of person who gets a lot of vision and wants to run with it!

However, I've gotten into a bad habit.

My dreams and vision have not been carried out very well.

I found a GREAT quote when I was doing my typical research for the monthly emotion at Scrapbooking from the Inside Out. It went something like this:

My Ambition is handicapped by my laziness.

How's that for a big poke between the eye balls! Hello??? All this vision and dream casting is not going to happen if it stays in my head! Some action is required here folks!

I loved pulling the, in my opinion, sassy elements of the kit to create this layout. Bold colors. A banner. Hearts. Zig zag. The stencil was so much fun to use. I didn't even think about what I was doing! Kind of like that moment when you realize you've done too much thinking and you just need to DO!

That's just what I did with the stencil. I moved it around. Spritzed. Moved it. Spritzed. And left it that way. 
And by gum... I like it!

I like the symbolism of the metal paperclip and push pin rub-on. Especially for this layout! 

Reminders. In my face. Get off my hiney!!!

I don't usually use small alpha for my entire title but this layout seemed to need it. 

So, do you think recording this and creating this layout helped me with my laziness?

Not really.

I'm still working on that. *sigh*