Coffee Date with Me

Happy weekend all! 

This month at Scrapbooking from the Inside Out, our kit is inspired by the word TRUST. 

Let me take a moment to chat about this way of scrapbooking for me. 

I've got my coffee. Do you have yours?

Many of you visit here because we share this love of creating with paper. You've either stumbled across my blog because of a blog hop, team I was part of or maybe by accident.

So, I felt the need to take a time out and just chat for a minute.

I hope you don't mind. :)
Scrapbooking and card making has been part of me for awhile. I've always loved art. I paint and do mixed media. And I loved the idea of scrapbooking.

Over the years I was introduced to using scrapbooking as a means to visually journal. I remember sitting with my therapist and having a brief chat about how important it is to journal. But, I hated journaling.

My diaries all consist of about five pages and then it's all blank. 

Because I get BORED! 

So, she made the brilliant suggestion I use my scrapbooking to journal. (I knew I was paying her big bucks for a reason... haha!)

To make a long story short, here I sit, years later, LOVING and EMBRACING this idea all the more. I rarely scrap events. In fact, that's what Instagram is for now. Hahaha! *wink* 

When I was diving into this scrapbook world and contemplating designing for folks, I stumbled upon SFTIO and it was like the angels resounded. Could it be there was a kindred spirit in this world? Yes. There is. 

Three years later I'm THRILLED to still be part of this team. I am EXCITED because we are taking it to the next level (more on that later)! 2014 is going to be freaking awesome and I get to start a month early designing with our January kit. 

So, why and how does this all relate to the December theme of TRUST.

Well. I trust you. 

I trust me.

I have faith in this approach. And I know it will BETTER the lives of those who give it a try.

From here on out, you will notice my blog posts shift to primarily this mode of scrapbooking. Not that it ever veered away from that but, I was trying to include lots of different kinds of posts too. I kind of had a revelation the other day. I'm trying too hard to fit molds I don't fit into. THIS is what I fit into. THIS is what I love. Adore. Believe in with my whole heart. Why in the world would I try to force myself into something I just don't fit into. (Square peg round hole anyone?) 

I hope that my blog can be an enhancement to what we are doing over at SFTIO. I hope that my blog can be an inspiration for you and an encouragement to join us! Explore your inner world and get a GORGEOUS kit to boot. A kit that already has the tools you need so you don't have to go searching. 

Thanks for letting me gab! I am truly excited to share with you my layouts this month and I'll be back next week to do that. :) 

If any of what I've shared has struck a chord with you, I'd love to hear from you! And make sure to use Bloglovin' or what ever other feed you want to use to stay up to date on my posts.