Faith Like a Child

As I've worked with children over the years, I've been reminded of a lot of things.

First, children still don't know a lot about the world. We assume they should and even discipline as such but, the truth is, they only know as much as we've allowed them to see.

Second, children know more than we think. I've had a few chuckles as I've heard students chattering on about something that didn't make complete sense only to realize, they were interpreting a conversation they overheard from adults. 

Third, children trust us. We are the grown ups. We can convince them our way is the only way. We have a lot of power in shaping the minds of children in our care. 

I remember, growing up, how much trust I placed in the adults around me. Especially my parents. Many things, like going to church, when we ate dinner, holiday traditions... are things I thought everyone in the world did. 

Sometimes I miss having that trust in others. It's good to question and check out facts but, I think that my suspicions get the best of me now. Because I've hesitated, I've missed out on some cool moments.

How cute am I??? I was three years old in that photo. I loved having my picture taken. I was always looking for a reason to pose and I'm still a ham. ;) 

The TRUST kit from Scrapbooking from the Inside Out is so beautiful. I love that the symbolism and materials are already there and ready for me to put on my journaling page. 

I'm finding that I'm able to take a step back when my guard goes up. Sometimes it's necessary and sometimes it's not. I know I can't trust everyone but I can give people a chance. 

And... how awesome is that Encyclopedia collection behind me in that photo??? Yes... I was alive before Google. :)