I Trust These Ladies

Hi everyone!

Are you ready for Christmas? 

I am not. 

I have not finished shopping and I just realized I haven't done cards yet, either. Woops. Bad me!

That's okay because I know to crunch time and get things done. At first, I was going to do handmade cards for all but I'm giving up and will be getting some store bought ones too. *gasp*

I am counting down the days until this coming Sunday because I get to go to my hometown for a week long visit. I am SO excited to be with my family and friends. Not to mention a tad bit warmer weather. I have faithfully been watching Accuweather.com and keeping track of the forecast. So far, so good! 

While I am there, I'll be baking cookies, making yummy treats, getting my hair cut, visiting family and hanging out with my besties.  

Speaking of my besties... 

Since moving to Chicago, it has been SO difficult to establish good friendships. I've come to the conclusion that there are several factors contributing to this:

- The older one gets the tougher it is to establish new friendships.
- I've got some deep friendships that I've developed over the years and it's hard to start over.
- I compare people to my friends. (not good.)
- It is hard to break into groups here. Just going to be honest! 
- I'm lazy about instigating coffee dates and get togethers. (not good.)
- Time is a whole new ball park living in a big city with no car.

So there are a few things on that list that I could be more intentional about. The others are things that, I think, will work out over time. I know I don't have to let go of friendships but it is nice to have friends close by to hang out with. You know... that one (or two) friend that is willing to meet up for a cocktail to hash out the day. 

Well... I had to create a layout, when it comes to TRUST, about these two ladies:

Created using the TRUST kit from Scrapbooking from the Inside Out.

These are my "girls night out" friends. The ones that I feel completely comfortable being myself. No holding back. No apologies. We are free to be. It's so refreshing and relaxing. I am so looking forward to being with them and laughing and hugging and talking. 

I used lots of elements from this kit to exude the feelings that bubble up when I think about these two. The heart, of course. 

Handwriting to make it personal. Florals to soften it up. Wood embellishments to exude the strength, just like a tree. 

Creating this layout leaves me feeling thankful. Even though I have some lonely moments here in the big city, I'm thankful for Skype. I'm thankful for planes. I'm thankful for technology and the ability to still stay in touch. I'm thankful that these friendships have primed me for new ones. And I'm thankful that I am left with a positive feeling! 

Thanks for swinging by!