This isn't for me {so you say}

I hear this a lot.

"I love your pages."

"I wish I could record the way you do."

"I don't know where to start."

"I could never share my pages."

Here are my answers.

"Thank you."

"You can."

"I can help."

"You don't have to." 

Seriously. You can do this! No one is forcing you, of course, but I can tell you from personal experience how rewarding it is to use scrapbooking as a visual journaling platform. 

If you are here reading this post, that means you are interested. You saw the title. You followed the link from whatever feed you are using or wherever I posted. You know how I scrap. And I'm hoping that I can help you feel empowered to do this yourself! 

Begin with the journaling.
Do you keep a diary? Do you wish you did? I find it very cathartic to journal about how I'm feeling. What is going on in my heart. I record those deep thoughts that I won't reveal to just anyone. Sometimes it's scary to write it out or say it out loud (even to yourself) because there is an element of making it a REALITY and not something just in your head. Believe me. I know! 

Think visually.
What kind of imagery comes to your mind as you journal? If you are writing about a crush you have - maybe hearts or something that reminds you of that person. I remember when I finally wrote down about my feelings for someone, an airplane came to mind. This person traveled a lot and I loved that we shared that interest. 

What colors come to mind? When I write about heartache, the color blue always comes to mind. Muted tones, grays and the like. 

Did you know you can find all of that in the paper crafting world??? With so many awesome manufacturers out there, it is so easy to find the right imagery and colors you would use as symbolism and to visually exude what you are writing. 

Get artsy.
Art therapy is a proven way to help heal. It provides an opportunity to use ones creativity and let out emotion. Without words. Just using hands. If you are a paper crafter... you are an artist. It takes artistic skills to put together pages and cards. I don't care what any of the critics say. Sure... it is a craft too. But it is also ART. You are experimenting with different media. You are deciding where to place things. You are using the elements and principles of art when you do all these things. You don't have to be an expert. Everyone has it in them. Art is SUBJECTIVE. That means, just because a piece of work doesn't attract you, it doesn't mean it isn't art. It IS! It just doesn't speak to you and that is okay! 

So it makes sense that visual journaling, by using scrapbooking product, would be a mode of art therapy. 

Where to start.
Naturally, I'm going to point you to Scrapbooking from the Inside Out. We believe in this way of recording life. We have personally experienced the fruits of it! And if you are not sure where to start, we've done the work for you! The Inspiration Page is packed with visual and verbal goodness. Quotes, journaling prompts, images and even music are waiting to help you along. 

If you are not ready to buy a kit... that's OKAY! We are not about pressuring. BUT... How could you not? I always know the next question or concern is wondering how to put the product together. We've done all that for you. The papers, embellishments, techniques, symbolism... it's all there. :) 

What's next.
Still not sure? Need some face to face time? Stay tuned because we have lots of exciting workshops coming. Live. In Person. Recorded. 

Sometimes you just need to take that brave step. If you feel unsettled... perhaps it's because you NEED to take that step. To experience the healing and therapeutic experience of visual journaling.