Live from CHA-W 2014 {Photo Heavy}

The show started yesterday and I missed it due to traveling. And let me say, the travel day did not go without a little bit drama.

Walking to the L involved dodging snow and huge puddles. (Thank you polar vortex and major melting afterwards.) Then, arriving at the airport, I almost had my luggage tagged wrong. 
While waiting for my flight, I waited in line at Hudson News to get some water only to reach the register and have the guy tell me their register broke. (My flight was ready to board in five minutes. UGH!)

Arrived early in Los Angeles but my bag did not appear on the belt. In tears, I went to baggage services with my tag to trace where it went. Found out it came off the plane really early and they placed in the "lost luggage" baggage services room. Wha???? How does that happen and WHY??? I missed the first shuttle going to my hotel in Anaheim. Finally arrived and my boss had a burger and a beer waiting for me. SO happy!

The weather here in Anaheim has been quite lovely! My entourage has giggled at me numerous times as I've shown lots of excitement about not having to wear a sweater. It's LOVELY! 

Anyway! You probably want to see photos! So, here are lots and lots and lots and lots of photos of where we stopped today. I am SO inspired this year! 

LOVE this lady and her new collections!!! (Brandin with Webster Pages for those who don't know.)

I have a ton more photos coming the rest of the week! Sorry not much text with the photos. If you want to know more about anything, just shout in the comments. :)