My CHA-W 2014 Recap

It has been too long since my last CHA trade show. The last one I attended was July 2012, here in Chicago. I remember, years ago, when I first began in this industry as a designer - a goal was to attend CHA. Why? Because I love seeing all the new trends in person. I love being part of the group who gets to put together amazing collections for consumers. AND... I love connecting with people I work with online. It's so fun to meet up in person and chat "industry stuff". Especially when you no longer have an LSS close by and you don't have that camaraderie.  Not only that, but it gives another perspective to what is going on in paper crafting world. It's all very intriguing to me!

Anyway, I was looking forward to this trip for a few reasons. 

1.) To get out of this FROZEN TUNDRA! UGH! I kept watching the weather report as the days approached. Anaheim was, literally, 70 degrees warmer at one point. I couldn't wait and the weather did not disappoint!

We ate lunch outside the whole time. I had no coat. I wore sandals. It was glorious. I could feel my bones thawing out. How sad is that??? 

2.) Seeing product to put together in kits for YOU! I love roaming CHA with this perspective. My very first time at the show was with Scrapstreet. So, I had more of a Media type role. We still put together kits but, it was with product we liked. For Inside Out, it's from a more symbolic viewpoint. Each booth we looked in, we noticed colors, patterns, icons, embellishments and thought about the emotion they evoked. We got to share the vision of Inside Out with many (including Leeza Gibbons!) and I love how people are responding. 

One of my favorite collections was from Webster's Pages. A collection designed by Brandin O'Neill. Gah... it's lovely. I couldn't stop staring. 

3.) Seeing new and old friends. It was so good to see women who have encouraged me in this industry. Women who I admire. Women who are courageous and driven. Women who ooze with creativity and artsy skills. Women who GET it when I want to chat about pretty paper and embellies. :) 

Brandin from Websters

Met fellow Illinois scrapbooker Jennifer. We are friends on Facebook and met in Anaheim!

And these fabulously, wonderful ladies I get to work with!

After we were done with the show, it was to Santa Monica and Rachel's house to work on kits. My brain became a puddle as I realized my body is truly on Central time. And the millions of ideas whirling around in my head... it is HARD work!

But... wonderful work too.

On my second to last day in Santa Monica, Rachel took me down to the beach. I could have stayed there forever.

As much as I like where I live, there is something special about the ocean. Being near this water is so therapeutic for me! And the ocean air is way different than the lake air.

And this little fella...

He attempted my name the first time we said it to him... "Weesa"  Sometimes it comes out "Weesha".  

Heart. Melt. 

All in all, it was such a great week! It was work but, it was work that I'm passionate about. Mix in a little ocean time and I felt peace.