Showing Compassion

Hi everyone,

Is empathy something you struggle with?

I certainly do. I want to say I don't. I would love to say that I immediately think of others. I want to be someone who thinks of others immediately.

But I don't.

However, it is something I want to be better at.

Somehow, recording these thoughts on this layout helps. There is something interesting that happens when thoughts in my head become recorded on paper. I chose the photo because of the thoughtful gaze. It reminds me of being deep in thought and I see hope in my face. A positive look. Which is one that I hope to exude when I think about showing empathy to others.

Butterflies symbolize so much! Hope. Rebirth. Growth. And I love that they can symbolize Empathy. Gentleness. Thoughtfulness. So I used several from the kit on my layout. I also used the gold embellishment to symbolize reflection. I know when one speaks about empathy, we are to look at others and think about others. But, I also like the thought of taking a look at myself and giving myself reminders. 

As always, after finishing one of these layouts, I feel a sense of relief. And I hope that by sharing this with you, you can just get another small glimpse at how freeing and healing it can be to record your thoughts with one of our kits.