Welcome 2014

Happy New Year everyone!

I took some time off from blogging during the holiday week. I spent a lovely vacation in Washington State with my family and friends. I didn't want the week to end! For many reasons, it was difficult to return to Chicago. I still love this city but, I can't help but wonder what changes will be coming in 2014. My life is always lived with open hands. I don't mind change or an adventure. :) 

(Disclaimer: I'm not hinting at anything. Just saying that I'm open to whatever this new year brings!)

Each year I have come up with a word for my year. Here is a quick recap of the year I started this with the word I chose:

2011 - New (The hope was that I would strive to see things in a fresh perspective as often has possible.)
2012 - Still (I wanted to stop and pause. This year was one I needed to make sure I was listening and not forgetting what really matters.)
2013 - Grace (This was a big year for me. And I wanted to have grace for myself AND give it.)

And now... 2014....

The word that has been LOUD in my head is DREAM. 

Source: Unknown

All my previous words were ones that caused me to pause and reflect. I've paused and reflected for three years. Now, I feel like movement is going to happen in so many areas of my life. It's exciting. I feel like God is telling me to dream and to dream BIG. It's exciting and scary all at once. 

The past two years I have created a canvas to hang on my wall that showcases my word. Today I'll be working on my DREAM canvas. I'm so excited!

That means I need to get off the computer. :)

So, here's to a fabulous 2014! It seems to be a year filled with lots of optimism by many - at least that is according to everyone's status updates on Facebook and Twitter. Ha!

I'll be back in a couple of days with a post about the new kit from Scrapbooking from the Inside Out! It's a beauty!