Things Chicago has taught me {with some west coast love}

When I first started sharing about my move to Chicago I, naturally, received mixed reviews. I love that I have so many different people in my life. People from different cultures, race, faith and politics. It has challenged me and molded me. My faith has grown and my world view continues to be grown. So, thank you. When I shared about my move to Chicago I received positive feedback - people who were excited for me and people who admired and knew it was going to be an amazing experience. I also heard from those who didn't understand or had a personal detest for the city. It was tempting to take it personally but, I knew God called me here and that was all that mattered. 

I am coming up on month 19 of living here. It has been incredible and it has been very challenging. I love the diversity and culture. I love the architecture and vibe of the big city. I love that I don't have to have a car and I can choose between four targets to shop at. More than all that, I love how God has shown me there is light in this city. There are people who love Him and love serving Him. He is on the move and it has been humbling to be part of that. 

It has also been hard.

I have missed my family and friends. Truth be told, I have really struggled building relationship here. While friendships have budded, some have been quick to dissolve. At times, it feels like there is a mold here that I just can't fit into. Who knows why. It could be me, them or just the culture. Or all of the above. Surprisingly, it hasn't depressed me. Also, what was once a feast for the eyes, has now begun to suffocate me. Large sky scrapers blocking views is just not what I love anymore. And after visiting my west coast home during the holidays, those feelings were affirmed. I missed the bay and ocean water. I missed the trees, the mountains and the whole west coast vibe in general. 

Supplies: Paper: Basic Grey (Mon Ami collection by Kelly Purkey), Cardstock, alphabet: American Crafts, Wood veneers: Studio Calico, Other: twine and buttons.

These are feelings and thoughts I have been praying through since October. I began to feel a shift and it made me pause and chat with God. What does this mean? I don't want to make a decision based solely on emotion. There had to be logic and truth mixed in. When I visited my hometown at Christmas, I knew God was preparing to call me out of Chicago. I felt him doing what he has done before when he has called me out. Doors closed, passion had shifted, conclusion was unfolding. Sad and exciting right? 

We hate when a really great story ends but we always look forward to the sequel. 

All this to say, God is calling me back west. The peace that envelopes is something I can't deny. There are so many things I'm looking forward to and the priority is making sure that I am following where God leads me. I'm coming back with new hope, new vision, new dreams and a broader perspective of this amazing world HE created! 

Bellingham... I'm coming home! See you in June!