Hi everyone!

I absolutely love our kit this month from Scrapbooking from the Inside Out! The topic is something that really challenged me. Mostly because I've just felt like I'm in a blah place. Trying to open and candid just didn't come naturally for me.

And that's okay!

Even as I type this I'm just not feeling like going deep. I'm tired. Irritated with this long winter. In desperate need of more than two days off from work. 

How's that for honesty? 

But, I'm also here to share with you one of my layouts, created with the HONESTY kit.

I recently made a decision to move back to my hometown. The move isn't taking place until the end of June but, time goes by quickly. This layout records the freedom I felt after deciding to let my boss know I'm leaving. At first, I was going to wait but, circumstances and conversation let it happen naturally. 

In hindsight, I'm so glad I went ahead and said something. I don't think I would have lied necessarily. This particular situation just shows me that it's okay, at times, to reveal certain things in life. Especially when it's positive. For some. :) 

I went with a fun banner composition to symbolize the freedom and lightness that being honest can bring. I used a lot of the natural colors from the kit because part of my sharing so early at work, reminds me that I'm grounded and being honest really can just be an act of being true to who you are.

I played with the title work of this layout too. Adding the hashtag #documented as part of the title is kind of a tongue-in-cheek for me. Since I'm on social media so often, and the whole hash tag craze has gone out of control, I thought that added to the light hearted-ness of this layout.

It seems like a simple thing to do. But, for me, this was something that I feared sharing so early because I wasn't sure how my coworkers would react. And opening up so early also means I have to live with their reactions longer. So far, so good! :)