It's Okay To Have Secrets

 Hi everyone!

I hope that you have had a chance to browse our Inspiration Page this month at Scrapbooking from the Inside Out. So much to help you get started with our theme this month - Honesty.

The layout I'm sharing with you today chronicles the thought that we don't have to share everything. It's okay to have some secrets. Sometimes, I like being a mystery and there are enough things about me that only I know.

And I don't plan to share with anyone else anytime soon. :)

I chose the darker background for this layout because I wanted it to be as simple as possible but with plenty of small details. The details, in a way, symbolize how there is so much that makes us who we are. Sometimes they are the obvious, sometimes they are the things we want and are willing to share and then... there are those things that just need to stay hushed. 

I love the contrast of colors when popped on the dark background. They seem to exude LIFE and BEAUTY. Secrets and all! 

I almost feel a bit mischievous revealing that I have secrets. So, I wanted to add my own little touch of glitter. Using the papers from the kit, I created a flower that I love to create and, added a glittery brad from my stash. 

I added the banner up top for mostly composition reasons. 

So, do you have secrets too? Go ahead... keep them! Honesty can also mean just admitting you have things you don't want to, or even NEED to share.