Exploring My City

I love exploring Chicago! I'm going to miss living here but I'm trying to soak it all up these last few months.

This is Humbolt Park. A park that has cleaned up over the past year or so. There use to be lots of gang activity here and now it's a wonderful place to go for a walk and picnic. Bonus? No tourists. :) 

Ah... Wrigley Field. If I was a baseball fan, this would have been a priority for me but, I finally made it here just a couple of weeks ago. Seriously. If I was a baseball fan or, better yet, a Cubs fan, this would hold so much more meaning. Alas, I have the "been there done that" attitude.

My last visit to China town was the very first time I ever came to Chicago - in 2005. I was with a mission team from my church and we briefly visited here. It was fun to come back and walk around on my own. Unfortunately, I had to leave because I had to use the restroom really bad and NONE of the restaurants would let me use their potty!

This is called the Dragon Wall... I believe...

This photo was taken from a little park called Medal of Honor Park... or Olive Park... or something like that. It sits right by Navy Pier, which I've been to many times, but it was nice to walk down by the lake in an area I hadn't been to yet. And the view was pretty cool!

Ohio Street beach from the little park. These lake beaches make me giggle.

I wanted to skip through this like on the Sound of Music.

I've been the Museum of Contemporary Art before but it has been a couple of years. The exhibits constantly change and the latest one of Isa Genzken was amazing!

So there we go! I hope to visit more fun little areas before I move. My favorites are the places away from the tourists. Those places REALLY express what Chicago is and I love that!