It happens all to often

It happens all to often.

I find a collection I adore! The colors. The motifs. The sentiments. They all speak to me

And then the inevitable happens. 

I run out. 

And I weep. 

And wail.

And whine.

Okay that may all be a little on the dramatic side but, in all seriousness, it does sadden my heart when I run out of that collection. Such was the case when I used my very last scrap of For the Record from Echo Park. The FIRST one.

Click on photo to be taken to the rest of the collection.

Do you remember it??? 

Well, imagine my GLEE when a friend was cleaning out her scrap stash and had not just a full collection kit but even some scraps! Yahooooooooooooo!!! 

Of course I got to creating and I decided to make a couple of cards. Because, naturally, cards use less product and, therefore, I can make it stretch as long as possible! Ha!

I love the use of black in this collection. The papers vary so much with the bold and subtle and then POW... some black. On my first card I wanted to play with that design element. I pulled a few papers that seemed calm in nature. The background pattern for the base layer did have a pop of red but, overall, it's a pretty calm design. The yellow and green help spice it up a bit but that black... vavavooms my card right up! All it needed was some bling and I feel like the combos I pulled from the collection create a really classy card. (And super simple to make!)

I love layering on my layouts so, why not on my cards too? So I just cut up a bunch of strips and trimmed the ends. This is a favorite thing to do with strips, for me, because it adds such a fun design touch. I used stickers for the sentiment and, again, that black just pops the card! By placing the black polka dot strip in the back, it really grounds the design. It also creates a visual triangle with the letter stickers and black button.

LOVE this collection so much!

And I still have a ton leftover!

For now.

Thanks for swinging by today!