Dream Big

I'm really excited to share this layout with you all today that created using the August kit LIBERATION from Inside Out

This layout is about living the letting past hurts go.

My childhood is not filled with all pleasant things. In fact, at a young age, I experienced something no child should ever have to experience. And it took me many years to understand that. I grew up not really grasping that what had happened was terrible. I knew it was wrong. But, in my own young, naive mind, I thought it was also normal. And I thought people would know.

Over the years as I grew deeper in my faith, I learned what forgiveness means. It didn't mean that I had to have a relationship with someone who hurt me. What it means is, freeing myself from the shackles that person had over me... all these years. I didn't need a response from them. I didn't need to speak words to them. (Although I did do that and it is part of the healing process...) It was more for me.  

This is a prompt from our Inspiration Page that inspired this page:

Let off the Hook/Pardon: Who have you had to forgive, or who do you still need to forgive, from your past in order to move forward powerfully in your life? If you’re holding onto anger or resentment, why? What keeps you stuck in the past? Is it ego, history, or something else?

I shared a sneak photo of the layout above... I love the symbolism of the transparency... it shows my willingness to let others see inside of me. I've gotten to a point where I freely share my story because it not only helps them... it also helps me. I hear the words I say. I read the words I write and it helps my heart continue to heal. 

As a result of that... I feel the freedom... the liberation to dream BIG. 

When I finally felt the TRUE freedom that comes from forgiveness, I felt free to be the real me. I got to know who the real me was. And from there, I have made some decisions I never thought I would make... or want to do. 

That's powerful stuff!

We are not licensed therapists here at Inside Out. However, we are women with a story and have experienced how amazing it is to work through these areas of our lives. If you find yourself reading this prompt and thinking you've got some things you'd like to work through, I encourage you to look for someone in your area to meet with. It's so worth it! It really and truly is! 

Thanks for swinging by today!

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