I Am Woman

As August has now drawn to a close, I've realized that two months have FLOWN by since I've moved back home. 


This is always a hot topic of conversation. Everyone we meet with, we can easily break the ice by talking about time. How quickly it goes by. We reminisce. We talk about what is to come. 

And then we move onto the weather. Ha!

So time is somewhat related to this post. 

I am pushing 38 years YOUNG. ;) And I've been single the entire time. No husband. No fiance. No children. It's just been me with a date here and there. It has gotten to the point where I have pretty high standards. I've gone on this long without anyone to compromise with or share life with. It's had its ups and downs but, the past two or three years have been kind of blissful. I've really embraced being single and doing things on my own timeline. 

Now, I'm feeling a shift. There still isn't a yearning or desire to be in a relationship but, I've been focusing a lot on Proverbs 31. If you are not familiar with the Bible or what that passage is about... it essentially boils down the characteristics of a good wife with sound character. 

The other day I was reading through it and this verse jumped out at me:

She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come. (Proverbs 31:25)

How refreshing! A woman can be strong... dignified... and laugh. It's a beautiful thing to me when I let that verse sink deep. And I think it also means so much to me because, all my life, I've heard how women need to be gentle, quiet, there for their man, stay at home, etc., etc. THAT is supposedly a good Christian wife. 
But that verse kind of says NOPE. And if you read the entire passage, it's also a big NOPE. 

When I approached the kit LIBERATION from Inside Out this past month, I wanted to record my thoughts and how they relate to Feminism. When I think of feminists, I think of shouting and loudly proclaiming the rights of women. 

Nothing wrong with that. You go girls!

But, I know that we don't always have be so loud about it. So forceful. I love the quiet moments when I can whisper and be heard.

A great example of this working is in my preschool classroom. I find the times I'm shouting or raising my voice, to get the attention of my students, it doesn't work. In fact, it heightens the energy of the room and the kids, at times, get louder too. It's those moments when I slowly lower my voice to gain their attention. And the room settles down, they look at me and wonder what in the world I am going to say. I've got their undivided attention.

So I wanted to exude that same "attention getting" device on my layout. Yes, I am woman. But, I'm going to tell you quietly and, hopefully, get you to listen. 

Maybe I am a feminist. Because I do believe that women should be bettering themselves and not being afraid to step up. Maybe I'm just not an extremist. Ha!

I love this season of my life right now. I love deepening my relationship with God and following Him on this interesting journey. Where it will lead? Who knows! But it's all about enjoying it and not rushing through it and questioning it the whole time. Learn and grow. It IS quite liberating! 

HEY... and it is September and guess what that means??? A brand new visual journaling kit from Inside Out. September is called THRIVE. You can see the kit and inspiration by clicking HERE. I look forward to sharing my pages with you this month!