I Can Do Anything

Hi everyone!

I am so happy to be back after taking last month off. I did a cross country move. The second big move I have done in two years. The first time was leaving my home town to move to the fabulous city of Chicago. And now, I have moved from Chicago back to my hometown. The two years in Chi-town had its ups and downs. I'm happy to have experienced it but I am THRILLED to be back home.

The layout I'm sharing with you today kind of relates to this whole experience.

I can do anything.

That's a rather freeing thought for me.

If I truly feel the desire to do something, I can do it. And so can you.

I chose to do a circular design at the top because I love the symbolism of a circle. It goes on and on. I chose to hide half of the circle because, while life is an ongoing journey, I never know exactly what is coming around the bend. At the same time, I chose arrows and other movement symbols to portray that it doesn't stop me.

I've experienced what it's like to do something I really want to do. Sometimes I succeed. Sometimes I fail. Sometimes it's really hard. But... the ultimate outcome is that I did it. And learned more about myself. 

THAT is freedom to me. 

I also chose to do some hidden journaling. It was for a combination of reasons. Design purposes... because I wanted lots of elements on my layout. Symbolic purposes... that photo of me is so fun! It's a, what I like to call, sassy thinking face. I look at that photo and think to myself, "What is that girl up to now?"

Also, the hidden journaling is kind of like peeking into my soul. The title is bold. The quote sticker is off to the side, as if to be lurking and serving as a reminder. And then, as you look deeper, there is some journaling giving a deeper glimpse into how this all comes together.

Do you have a dream? Are you wondering if you have the guts to just do it? Because you do.