A Great Day

Hi everyone!

So glad to be on the blog with you all today. I am really focusing hard on my blogging again. Not only is it something that I should be doing, it's something that I LOVE to do and I hate it when I go through such long periods of time of not blogging. I need it! My last transition, for hopefully a long time, is happening this weekend. I'm moving into my permanent digs and then I'm nesting! Yay!

I'm sharing my first layout using the THRIVE kit. I loved this kit. The colors were so great to work with but, beyond that, it was really therapeutic to dig deep inside and explore what Thrive means to me.

Thrive reminds me what plants need to grow. How do they thrive and bloom? What are all those ingredients, that work together, to ensure that plant becomes all that it should be. For me, when I think about I thrive, I need a creative outlet. And I need people, because I'm an extrovert, to also participate in creatively outletting... ;)

I thought about all those times when I felt like wilting away because I was alone. Too much alone time can do that to an extrovert. And right when I thought I would curl up, it would be craft night with my friends! That is what really held me together while living in Chicago, too. Living in a big city can get really lonely. And so during these nights of crafting away with friends, I felt nourished.

I love the quirky symbolism of this kit! The bright colors and patterns were so fun to work with. Normally I try to do an "opposite" layout but, this time I just couldn't. It was fun to be able to celebrate on each layout! 

The ladies in that photo were my saving grace while in Chicago. There is a great story to go with how I met each one of those ladies and without them, I would have gone insane. It's so important to find those who share your passions and then make time to get together to fulfill those passions.

Thanks for swinging by today! Are you ready to join us? Kits are going fast so make sure you swing by our kit page today!