Yes I am

Yes I am.

Yes I am moving today. Again. Hopefully for the last time in a very long time.

Yes I am German and embrace it the older I get.

Yes I am a mocha drinker.

Yes I am.

Yes I am a Jesus lover.

Yes I am a survivor. Not a victim.

Yes I am a creative.

Yes I am a singer.

Yes I am beautiful.



Hold the phone. What was that last thing???

I am.... beautiful?????

It's taken me a very long time to accept that fact that yes, I am beautiful. And you know what has gotten me here?

Not the media.

Not self-help.

Not what the world says about me.

Not a man. 

Not my parents or my friends or what society says.

The answer is simple... my relationship with Jesus.

The deeper I grow in my faith, the more I see the beauty HE created within me. I love it! It's empowering and it is liberating.

I created this page using the August kit LIBERATION from Inside Out. Yes, I'm late sharing it but, my life has been in the midst of transition the past two months. :)  

Better late than never, right?

HEY... and guess what? YOU are beautiful too!