I'm an ENFP

Happy Tuesday!

Today I am sharing one of my pages using the October kit ENERGY from Inside Out.

This kit was really heart opening for me. Actually, every kit that I dive into here is heart opening. I learn something new about myself every month. I like what I'm learning, too. And that's what it's all about!

The page I'm sharing today captures my personality. Have you ever taken the Myers-Briggs personality test? I gotta admit, I'm a personality test taking junky. It is validating in a way! It's like you have this test result giving you an excuse for all those quirks! Ha!

I always knew I loved being around people. I do value my alone time but, it's not where I go to for filling up. I need activity around me. I need to hear voices and see movement. There have been times when I actually wanted and desired to go hang out in the mall just to get my people fix.

When I feel depleted; when I feel blah... I head to the coffee shop, the book store or wherever I know there will be people.

So, for my page I really and truly wanted to embrace ENERGY. Literally.

While living in Chicago I took public transportation everywhere. It was a blessing and a curse! I loved not having to worry about car maintenance and I adored the automatic extroverted-ness of being around people gave me. Of course, there were days when I really missed that time, alone, in my car. But mostly it was when some dude was coughing or someone forgot to put on deodorant. 

Some symbolism: I used paint splatters to give off that textured energy. I cut out the phrase. I specifically chose the phrase that was bright and loud. ON THIS DAY. Backing it with the black transparency helps it pop. Two things... hearts because I love being an ENFP. I embrace it. And, if you read up about an ENFP, that totally makes sense. ;) The other is the geotag clip. Marking my place in this world. Been here. Done that. Felt that.

The background strip, I specifically chose the paper with the brush strokes. I love the energy that large, messy brush strokes exude. Every time I glance at artwork with big brush strokes, I move with it. I feel my body pulsate. I was excited to find that and use it. I cut out the strip with the patterned squares to layer on top. The repetition of the cut out "zig zag" gives it a heartbeat. a rhythm... and that's how I feel when I'm getting my "fill up" of being around people.

The top strip is calm. Some of that has to do with design but, it also has to do with the type of energy I am feeling. See, I don't believe that energy is always the "hyper" kind of energy. Energy can center you. Which, in turn, calms you. I like that thought and wanted to combine that with this page.

Now, all that to say, I do not miss riding the CTA at all. It was great for awhile. But, now I'm back in my hometown, driving a car and getting my people fill in other forms.