Laid Back and Chill

Hi everyone and happy Tuesday!

Today I am sharing my last page created using our October kit ENERGY from Inside Out.

This page is documenting something I'm embracing about myself. I can actually recall a specific event when it finally stuck with me. Several years ago, the school I worked at was flooded by a broken water main. I was stressed. While trying to round up staff to help, I had to delegate who was going to stand at the doors to tell families we were closed; who was going to watch the kids already here; who was going to go around to all doorways and put up mats and sand bags; who was going to call the other admin staff. Aaahhh....

That night I put on my Facebook how thankful I was for the staff and their hard work. The reply I got was thanking me for being so calm and steady and being a great leader.



Really? I was freaking out! I swear I was sweating from the stress.

But no. That was not noticed.

And so, after that specific day, I began to really pay attention to that unassuming quality. And, wouldn't you know, over the years, situations would arise where I felt stressed out, over-energized, about to blow my top... and yet, no one could tell.

I mean... it was clear that I wasn't my normal self but, I came across cool, calm and collected.

What a blessing to have that characteristic!

Every once in awhile I wish my stress would show more. Especially in situations where I just don't have the time to stop and ask for help or a moment to breathe. Because, in my mind, if it was noticed more, perhaps others would be more apt to step in.

I created this page in a very purposeful manner. My photo is in the middle and is calm. My smile and demeanor are relaxed while, all around me, there is action. So, on this layout, the movement of the triangles and splatters of the paint... the bold colors surrounding the muted gray... are all symbolic of a world moving around me and I sit... relaxed. The surrounding symbolism is how I feel on the insides but, the middle photo is how I appear. 

It truly is a cool characteristic to have. One I've never realized I had until it was pointed out to me. 

Thanks for swinging by today!