And Then There Were Three

Hello everyone!

Today we are starting a new "issue" over at Paper Issues and it goes a little something like this:

No. We haven't gone to the dark side and started a "Paper Issues After Dark" theme. We're having fun with punctuation! Yay! It's a fun trend right now. I'm especially fond of the ampersand. I'm not sure why. It could be the curves. It could be the simple and quiet statement. Who knows. But I like it and so I used it!


My heart did explosions after looking at the photo too.

Those are not my children. They are, however the cutie pies of my friend Kirsten. She is also the amazing photographer. I'm so thankful for friends who produce adorable scrapping material for me. Haha! 

So, let's talk about the ISSUE for a minute. 

Feed Your Craft is our sponsor for this Issue and I loved the flair with the ampersand on it. The collection I chose to use, Capture Life by Allison Kreft, also had this fun ampersand. It was a no brainer what i was going to do. I love the contrast of these two different fonts too. 

Now let's move on to the content of this page...

The title is reflecting the three children Kirsten has. The first son, Ewan, blessed us with his life for only a few weeks. But wow. What an amazing impact he left us on this earth. The monkey that his little sister is holding, was with him in the hospital. And now, we welcome sweet little Streiter. 

I am so thankful that Kirsten is letting me use her photos. I mean, seriously... how can I not with such CUTENESS being photographed! I'll be sending her the pages I create as a keepsake. I'm happy to do it. :) 

Thanks for swinging by and head over to Paper Issues to link up your @$%&! pages!!!

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