Full Steam Ahead

Hello hello!!!

Today I'm sharing with you a page I created using the January kit FORWARD from Inside Out Visual Journaling.

I did a couple of pages about looking forward to the coming year but, each have their own little differences in the thoughts I was wanting to capture.

At the time of creating this page, I was in a moment of pure joy. It was at that moment I realized how amazingly awesome life is for me right now and it feels like it's a result of years of patience, pain, growth, frustration, joy, tears and laughter. While I tend to fall back on my knee-jerk reactions like... "life just isn't fair!" or "this isn't going my way" and... "wah wah wah"... I have, lately and quickly, snapped out of that silly emotional ditch and reminded myself that HEY... look around you woman! Look at the things you're doing. Ponder what you've been through and how that has prepared for right now. Ya ain't got nothin' to complain about sister!

And it makes me SO excited about the future. This year is going to be UH-mazing.

It's full steam ahead for this chica... 

I don't have time to worry or fret. I don't want to waste my time with jealousy or greediness. 

I look at my life now... and notice a whole bunch of goodness has come to fruition and I'm going to keep on moving forward with what I've been called to do with JOY and THANKFULNESS!

Because life is good right now. And I need to bask in that and let my soul rest in that. As we all know, life isn't easy. It's got it's road blocks, valleys and the like... so when those moments come up again, I want to know that I truly did enjoy this awesome moment I'm experiencing.

How about you? Go creatively journal about it and hang it on your wall! Celebrate with me!