Love Her

Every time I move, I come across my photo box and begin to go through all the photos. Some will never make it to a scrapbook page but, are just fun to look through. I came across one of my the last pet that was mine... Nalla.

We sure were two peas in a pod. Both of us sassy. Both of us loud. And both of us just needed a good snuggle. She was there for me and I was there for her. One of my most favorite things she would do was, in the morning, she would lay by my head. Eventually, she would grow impatient and begin to paw at my face and hair. Purr. Then meow. Then, howl and meow in my face. Sometimes I'd wake up laughing and other times I'd shove her off the bed. But... I miss that a lot. Silly kitty cat.

I love that I can use scrapbooking to capture emotions and journal. When I came across this photo, happy tears welled up in my eyes as I recalled having her in my life. 

I had to give her away years ago and she wouldn't be alive today anyway but man... I sure wish I could clone her and have her back in my life some days!

I've been playing a lot with inks and mists lately. It's fun to break out of my "clean and simple" box. I still layer and keep the overall style in mind but, beneath I've been getting messy too!

Christin Gronnslett has a fabulous You Tube video showing how she creates her GORGEOUS painted backgrounds. I drool over her creations and wanted to create one myself. Instead of mists, I mixed up gelatos and water in small spritz bottles. Worked just as well!

The black ink on this page is India Ink. I wrote the words and painted the hearts with a thin paint brush then, dripped some drops around.

This page was also created for the current Issue at Paper Issues - Popping the Cork! I used some cork pieces by Elle's Studio (who is our sponsor for this issue!) and love how it helps ground the design.

There is an awesome prize and to be eligible you just need to link up a project following one of the prompts from the issue. It doesn't have to be new! Just click on that link above and link with us!

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by!