Hi everyone!

I am here today sharing more about the last page I created using the January kit FORWARD for Inside Out Visual Journaling. I thought it fitting to record a page focused on my word for the year. I love choosing a word as my focus. It usually takes me awhile to come up with something. After pondering all that happened the previous year, sometimes it's a word that would come naturally. Such is the case with my word for 2015... SOAR.

2014 was filled with transition and some ups and downs. I chose the word DREAM for that year because I didn't want to give up vision. Instead of allowing my soul to wallow, I wanted to push myself to DREAM of the impossible... and, heck, even the possible!

The latter half of 2014 has been amazing and I feel like I'm launching into 2015. It's a pretty sweet feeling! So much goodness right now. I kept having a picture of an eagle soaring in the sky. Unafraid. Looking for it's next perch. Enjoying the freedom of open wing and flying into the unknown. SOAR. It's a powerful word, in my opinion. It doesn't just mean I'm flying... or floating... it means I have my arms outstretched, trusting in the one who is guiding me... I'm relaxed... I'm free... but able to choose the destination I want to go. Power.

The reason I chose to record my word using the theme of FORWARD is because that is the direction I'm choosing to travel. Sure, looking back can be a positive experience. I don't want to forget. I definitely want to treasure the memories and lessons. But one cannot gain ground or MOVE... if they don't move forward with their life. So, while I'm soaring, I'm not looking back or flying backwards. I have my face forward... moving forward... excited for the next adventure.

Have you chosen a word for the year? I encourage you to create a page about it! Record your thoughts and goals and then, hang it on your wall somewhere. Let it be a reminder for you through out the year!