Down by the Bay {Inside Out}

Sometimes there is a kit, from Inside Out, that just hits me in the gut and it was this one.

The name along - RESTORE - should be a perfect indicator as to the journey my heart would be going on as I recorded my pages.

The first page I am sharing is one that records WHAT things or living objects restore my soul. What can I count on, physically around me, to continually be a source for soul restoration... the place I go to feel peace and healing. To quiet my raging mind and heart and listen to the words God wants to whisper to me.

Naturally, I had to record about where I live. I absolutely love the Pacific Northwest. I love where my little hamlet is nestled. You see those islands out there? That is the tip of the San Juan Islands. Yep... that's my back yard. I am one blessed chica! It is beautiful on a clear day! There are some amazing parks and, one in particular, that I frequent. I can't even begin to describe the overwhelming peace that flows over me when I walk out by the water.

I used a lot of the "natural" elements from the kit for this page. Browns... earthy colors... and a lot of the cork. I think, from a design perspective, it plays off nicely with my photo. And from a symbolic perspective, I love the nitty gritty it provides. Because when we do REAL restoration of our souls, you gotta strip stuff away... prime it... and make it beautiful. 

A mix of earthy, blingy and stitching... it all goes together, don't you think?