Restore Joy

It doesn't happen often but, sometimes I like to create a page without a photo. As I was digging through the kit contents and contemplating the word 'restore', a verse kept popping into my head. I remember saying this in church, as a child, and I thought how awesome would it be to have something to hang on my wall. 

So this page was born.

And then something happened as I created it. I found myself actually stating those words. Not that I'd lost the joy but, it was kind of like a vow renewal. I was affirming something. I won't go into my faith too much here but I will say how meaningful and important it is to me. I'm not ashamed of it nor try to hide it. Instead, because of the joy I have, I love to share it! And creating this page brought so much joy to my heart.

I love spattering the sequins and ink everywhere. I love how creating these pages takes me through an emotional journey. Sometimes it tough but, in cases like this, the tears that form in my eyes are that of joy and assurance of the path I'm on!

How are you restoring your joy?