Be Brave. Be Bold. Be Me.

Hello everyone!

If you had the opportunity to move across the country (or world), would you do it?

What if you had nothing holding you where you currently are? With or without a spouse or children... everyone was mobile and on board.

Would you do it?

What if you were single. Pretty content. Maybe feeling a little restless.

Would you do it?

I did.

And now that I've been back home for the past 9 months, it's slowly sinking in how big of a deal it was that I did it.

I mean, I left a secure job. Sold half of my belongings. Uprooted my entire life and moved to a land I had only visited.


Be Bold. Be Brave. Be Me.

I found that sentiment on Pinterest and loved it immediately.  By being myself, 100%, the boldness and bravery come naturally. I find that as I become more confident who God created me to be... I can completely trust my gut when it tells me to move.

Be Bold.

Be Brave.

Be Me.

Now, get off of here and go do that something that's been tugging at your heart. 


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