Yes I Am {Inside Out}

 It's happened numerous times.

"Wow, Melissa. You are really brave!"

In the past, when I have heard that, I scoff and deny.

"No way... I'm just doing what I'm suppose to be doing."

Well, there came a point in life where that switched for me. No more denying! Yes. I am brave. I've made some tough decisions in life. I've taken risks. Sure I was nervous and a little afraid but, the fact that I took those steps anyway definitely makes me brave!

Fear doesn't hold me back. Life is just too dang short to not take gutsy steps because I'm afraid.

And my life is all the more richer!

I love the shields as symbolism in this kit. I don't see them as something cowardly. If you are a coward, or afraid, you run. People in battle prepare themselves for the fight. They wear the right armor and carry the shield. So, when I think of the brave things I've done in my life, I like to think I was holding an imaginary shield that warded off all the negativity. Thus, allowing me to see and experience the positive and wonderful things that were a result of my gutsy choices.

Can you say you are brave? 

I dare you.