It's been awhile! How's it going?

Holy smokes!

Where have I been?

It seems as if I went into a slump the past week or so but, I am still here. Creating like crazy and trying to remember to post everywhere. Ha! So, I guess I shall share with you a page I created using the Soft & Strong kit at Inside Out Visual Journaling

Living in a developing country really does broaden one's world view. Back when I lived in Guatemala, I had the amazing experience of volunteering at an orphanage. I thought maybe I would bless the kiddos and staff by providing my knowledge and ability to care for children.

Boy, was I in for a surprise. Instead of me changing or influencing them, I was the one who was inspired and amazed. These kiddos that have grown up with so much less than me, monetarily, have so much more than I did, resilience and spirit. I was moved by that. No parents - for whatever reason. No TV. No electronics. Soccer balls were cherished. Handmade bracelets were loved until worn out. Hugs were tight and genuine.

When it comes to our kits theme of Soft & Strong, I knew I wanted to record my thoughts from this time at the orphanage. 

I wanted to use lots of contrasting elements to exude the two words Soft and Strong. Black and gray and blues and reds. I divided the page to create a "balance" of sorts. This gives the feeling that Soft and Strong are equal. You need both. And I learned that it's possible to be both.

I threw in some of the sparkly gold to represent how invaluable this whole experience was and how it affected me. This will forever be embedded into my soul and I hope to continue remembering those children when I live out my daily life. 

Thanks for sticking around and swinging by today!