Hellmans #squeezemoreout

Hi everyone!

Today's post is a little bit different than my usual crafty post but, that's because I got to try a brand new product from Hellmanns! Thanks to Influenster, I received a bottle of the new Squeeze More Out Hellmanns mayo for free to test and review.

So, here's my review. :)

I have recently switched to eating a Whole30 compliant diet and this mayo doesn't quite meet the requirements. However, a little soybean oil isn't going to hurt for a week while I try this bottle out. 

When I first received the bottle, I was a little skeptical. I mean... there are other brands out there that claim to have this clean nozzle that squeezes out the right amount but always seems to clog or make a mess anyway.

I was pleasantly surprised by this bottle! And I'm not just saying that! The photo above, of the nozzle, is what it looks like after several uses. Nice and clean. Looks brand new.

The other great thing is I can completely control how much I want to come out. When I squeeze, it comes out. When I let go, it stops. 

That's pretty dang awesome!

I made a favorite dipping sauce for my sweet potato fries that has lemon juice and dill in it. I eyeball how much to put in so, sorry, no measurements. 

The amount of mayo in the bottle is about normal. I've made the dip about four times and still have plenty left. It would be a fun bottle to use to draw words or faces on your child's sandwich. Or, heck, even your own.

In conclusion.... well done Hellman's. Well done.