I did it!

It is not a flattering photo of me. 

Normally I wouldn't have the guts to post it but, at the time this photo was taken, I was feeling amazing on the inside. 

This was at mile 3 of my very first 5K. 

Since the beginning of March I've been a health revolution. Being overweight for most of my life, I reached a breaking point. I started Whole30 and have kept it up. The next goal was something big for me and that was the 5K. 

And I did it.

I used the I Am collection from Simple Stories for this page. It fit so perfectly with the topic I wanted to record. The background cut file is by Nicole Nowosad from her new cut file shop Just Nick. I loved it right away and do even more now that I see it on the layout.

I love utilizing the negatives from cut files and layering paper behind them. I've done it with words and circle shapes but not a full page like this one.

I also finally got some wood veneer words from Evalicious and I love them! She even threw in a little flair, which I used on this page. SO cute! 

Thanks for swinging by today!